Show notes | Episode 32: Yes, I said Perfeck

This podcast is available on iTunes. I am on Instagram and Ravelry.  There is a Knit Shift group on Ravelry.

Note: I forgot to reverse it so you could read the text. Sorry, y’all. I’m dealing with a lot outside of podcast life this week.

Pattern giveaway
I’m giving away a copy of Fibretown Emily’s Esther Belle shawl. Details in the Ravelry thread.

Finished knits

Miss Babs socks — her Yummy 2-ply base in colorway Perfectly Wreckless. US 1 needles.

Future knits

Gerschubie Fiber Arts Solfege sock in colorway Sophie’s Garden


Madeline Tosh Prairie in colorway Charcoal

Hedgehog Fibres Twist Sock in colorway Monarch

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