Show notes | Episode 80: Back and A Baby Shower

This podcast is available on iTunes and YouTube (please subscribe if you haven’t!). I am on Instagram and Ravelry.  There is a Knit Shift group on Ravelry.

Update: I previously said iTunes would be going away. I’m pleased to say it’s sticking around on iTunes!


Love Yourself KAL – starting Feb. 1. It’s a chance to knit something for yourself. Has to be a new cast-on, and the project has to use at least 50g of yarn.


Socks – Miss Babs Hot Shot in colorway SAFF 2016, U.S. 1 needles

Sock Yarn Blanket!!! – details here


Lang Jawoll Color – colorway 902.0032

Opal Sweet and Spicy 3 – colorway Safran

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