Show notes | Episode 108: Sockstravaganza

This podcast is available on iTunes and YouTube (please subscribe if you haven’t!). I am on Instagram and Ravelry.  There is a Knit Shift group on Ravelry.


We’re going to have a Finish That Sweater KAL! July 1 through at least Oct. 1. Can be a new cast-on or a WIP.


Stockinette socks knit in Online Supersocke Desert Color, colorway 1856

Stockinette socks – Socks that Rock Lightweight in that 70s Skein


Stockinette socks – Lang Jawoll Lang Jawoll Color, colorways 902.0157, 902.0160

Stockinette socks – Knit Picks Felici in Unicorn


Socks that Rock Tigger Targhee in Tempest

Socks that Rock Lightweight in Melusine


Fresh Hydrating Lip Balm – available on Fresh and Sephora

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